Sunday, March 11

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

My son is 3 years old and at times terribly earnest. Its surprising what he must think or remember sometimes though. Today my husband was running up stairs, tripped and stubbed his toe! On shouting out a very large OUCH, our son asked him very carefully. "You hurt your back Da? Is it bruised?". It made me smile and at the same time wonder what his concept of me must be? Seems he knows more than we realise - which is usually the case, and small children are often very perceptive, but Id love to know what hes thinking!

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  1. Nancy T22:11

    Hiddy Hoe, I found your blog through another blog I sometimes read, "Eriks MS Blog".

    I assumed you had MS also but now I'm thinking not - I am thinking you were in an accident and loss the use of your legs?

    AnyHoo - I enjoyed reading your blog - not because "Miser loves company" but rather because it is nice to about someone else's struggles and triumphs! You have a great attitude - Thanks for sharing your life :)