Friday, March 9

Painting and Decorating

Ive been sitting and twiddling my thumbs a bit at home lately, so today I started painting the living room. Now whenever i mention that I do things like this people tend to look at me as if i have 2 heads or something "paint the living room?.... You cant do that!" they think, and why not indeed? Its not as if I'm trying to climb the dizzy heights of a ladder of anything, as if I could anyway, but my bottom is firmly planted on a chair or stool and I get to do UNDER the dado rail. I'm also nominated to do the woodwork as well, which is a pretty horrible job and not nearly as satisfying as running a roller up and down. So I spent quite a long time today doing one half of a wall, and getting a lot of job satisfaction as well. Disability and pregnancy combined means that to the world in general I'm unable to do anything. I must admit that my back is badly suffering now Ive stopped doing it for the day, but really and truly the satisfaction I have of seeing it get done is worth the discomfort.

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