Sunday, April 22

Dr Strangelove

My husband has that sort of dry wit and turn of phrase that makes everything seem very funny at times. He knows what to say and how to say it and I often think he should have been a professional comedian. So we were in our favourite Superstore (The one beginning with T) on Friday when he says, 'You look like Dr Strangelove you know! (Oh thanks for the compliment!)
Well this wasnt quite as weird as it sounds since I was just getting over major dental work. Having had an infection below a crown for a week, the dentist decided to drill through the crown to put antibiotic straight at the point of infection. In order to do this Id had a mouthful of anaesthetic and had lost all control and sensation in my tongue and lips. As a result everything I was trying to say came out as "THHHH, SHHHHHH, FFFFFFFF" and so on!! Wonderful, not only am I on wheels, I'm also incapable of any meaningful speech!!! This lasted about 6 hours and meant that our shopping trip was mostly punctuated by me pointing in a manner not too dissimilar to Peter Sellers at his best. The only consolations were;

  • a. He made me really laugh,

  • b. He had a quiet day, and

  • c. The dental work seems to have done the trick.

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