Monday, April 23


According to a baby book we were given by the midwife I should be now be 'nesting'. I think what this means is in fact, you're in a panic because you know you only have a couple of weeks left of life as you know it. You haven't finished painting the baby room or done half the jobs you need to as you've been too tired to care over the last 2 months. That's certainly true in may case.
Today I spent some hours painting the window sills.... very interesting.....dyed my hair bright red by mistake ( you can tell I'm bored) and got stuck in the bath. The consequence being I sat there for some time before knackering my shoulder getting out. Its now bloody painful and I'm regretting the whole decision to have a bath at lunch time. And no I'm not nesting OK?!
Baby countdown is now about 19 days..........!

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