Wednesday, July 4

Slap on the Back

I'm very hard on myself. Too hard most of the time, I set myself superhuman goals in everything I do then beat myself up mentally and spiritually if I fall even slightly short of my expectations. It doesn't make for an easy life I must say. However today I was at a meeting and had some of my achievements pointed out to me by a colleague. Over the past year I have been involved to some degree or other with a profit making community transport scheme across the district, a support worker scheme, hire a handy man scheme, a new dial a ride with the support of Waitrose, rolling out of equality and diversity training across the county, and coming up in the coming months; a new service for supporting disabled parents across the north and more work with OneNorthEast. So when you look at it like that I have been quite busy, its just that I'm never satisfied, and I suppose I should sometimes stand back and realise that I have got quite a lot done by mosrt peoples standards.

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