Sunday, September 23

Ou est la toilette?

Finding a disabled loo in France is a challenge. In fact I didn't come cross one until 2 days before we left the country, there are indeed a rare species. I'm very surprised and somewhat dismayed that what we take for granted here is not also a reality in other European countries.

Here a photo of LeClerc. Its a BIG shopping complex housing a hypermarket, hairdressers, book store, music store, toy shop, cafe and restaurant dry cleaners and of course public loos. Only thing is there is no disabled loo at all, not one. So although I could get into the ladies, I couldn't actually get into the cubicle and Id probably have fallen over if I had done, so maybe that was a blessing. But perhaps its indicative of the fact that they don't expect anyone to use them or require such facilities. Hmmm very strange indeed.

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