Tuesday, September 18

The Great Pretender

In my naivety Id never heard of 'pretenders' before, not until a friend of mine introduced me to the whole subject of this and more. He has years of experience in this life while I don't, so he enjoys 'pulling my leg' as it were. You see, out in the big world there are people who pretend to be disabled. Oh yes they are out there, some I suppose are obvious and others arn't. Well actually I don't know if Ive ever come across one so I cant say. Certainly these people infiltrate the world of cyberspace which is spooky to say the least, and its those I've come across on occasion.
So some people by day are normal active out and about types, and then suddenly at night and the weekend they become disabled... well sort of. If you don't believe me look it up on the net, there are some crazy sites to be looked at. I wonder to what lengths they go to in order to be disabled and why? Its OK trundling round in your Quickie GPS but I'm not sure they spend 2 hours getting dressed or half a lifetime in the bathroom. Maybe they do, who knows?
More alarming are Internet infiltrators. These people start off plausibly enough but seem to have to change their stories and forever embellish it all. Usually they give themselves away because facts just don't quite hold together and sometimes you get 'that feeling'. Again I find the whole thing hard to fathom, do they see it as a game or do they have some kind of Munchhausen's I wonder? I don't have an answer, I just end up being dismayed by it to be honest, I suppose its all a bit sad really as you never appreciate what you have until its lost.

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  1. It really offends me when I find out that someone on a message board, or such had been faking .... especially after other members have been going out of their way to offer help and support!