Tuesday, November 20

Nice to see You, to See You...

The Internet being what it is means its not so hard to track down old friends. I mean if you Google me, I pop up 644 times in one form or another, yes I'm ubiquitous. I'm also the only person with my name in the world (probably) unless you know otherwise that is, so from time to time I get e mails from old friends, school friends, Uni friends, work colleagues and fortunately for me I'm pleased to hear from most people, pleased to know their lives have worked out OK one way or another, and its also somewhat flattering to know they even gave me a second thought.
Their e mail usually gives me a brief run down of their life over the last 20 years or whatever and then finishes with, 'so whats been happening with you.....? Hmmmm tricky one that, I haven't quite cracked it. Ive tried various tactics, the brutally honest and the brutally dishonest, neither work.
  • I'm healthy, wealthy and successful with everything one could ever want in life, take 4 foreign holidays in the sun a year, and have several overseas properties...... blah de blah.

Not his doesn't really do it for friends. So I could try the honesty is the best policy line

  • I'm crippled, have 2 kids, no job, and my husband looks after us.

No that's not inspiring either. In fact I have had people never bother to reply if I drop the disabled bit in, so now I sort of don't mention it for a while and if they e mail me back I hint at some sort of problem until they get the idea.

Its hard to mention it to people, on the one hand I don't want to be a real harbinger of doom but by telling people I'm really trying to say its OK, I'm fine with it and hope you are to. Its that simple really, how can it be any more difficult?

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