Tuesday, November 20

Raynauds Syndrome

Ahhhhh.... my cup runneth over................. (Tehillim 23.5)
How come you wonder? Well, Ive had this problem with my foot for, well lets be honest at least a year now, and Ive ignored it in the hope it would go away as I'm sure at some point my GPs practice will install revolving doors just for me. Its been one of those things where I should have gone but kept procrastinating. So last week my GP referred me to a chiropodist because she thought I had a fungal infection and so did I.Anyway the chiropractor had a good feel of my frozen ice cubes which disguise themselves as feet and said, Oh I think you have Raynauds Syndrome, do you get chilblains? I don't know as I wouldn't recognize one so she felt about a bit and hey presto found chilblains. Remember how I said I had this super itchy foot which is magnified by hypersensitivity, well under the skin are little nodules which are chilblains and bloody hell, itchy isn't the half of it, I really and truly want to rip the sole of my foot off. Do I have cold hands she asks? Well lets just say its a good job I never did medicine as my fingers are often frozen solid. I mean solid here, my fingers are literally stiff with cold, and I just thought it was normal!
So what causes it? Well who knows? My Doctor wants me to discuss it with the Neurologist next month, but thinks it caused by the neurological signals not getting to the blood vessels efficiently, so it could be SCI related, it could be a genetic predisposition, or it could be my misfortune. Probably the latter I suppose. The main thing now is to watch my hands, keep them warm and keep them in good working condition...... (stalks off muttering!) Its just a real bugger when it comes down to it isnt it?

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  1. Anonymous18:27

    Hello, I am working on my web site page and adding our product for Raynaud's relief - I see your comment and I also took this route - the dermatologist even took a hole out of my toe (which hurt worse) and thought it was a fungal problem - it wasnt after 1 year later - I got better when I went on vacation to teh warmer places.... BUT my company Helios created a therapeutic soaking salts that I used when I had the Raynauds so bad I couldnt wear shoes - I put abpout 2-3 Tbs of the mix into my sink and soaked my feet for 5 minutes (kept the water real hot) - my feet felt better but they felt somewhat like after you have been outside and got so cold that when you pout your hands in luke warm water, ti hurts as the blood comes into the fingers....well, I soaked them for 3 more times and my feet went back to normal, I can wear shoes now and the Ranauds may feel like it comes back (you do need to try to keep your feet warm - like wear socks , etc) I just soak them for 5 min. - one time and its gone!!! I love this stuff and its very reasonably priced - $9, plus its 100% natural and also acts as a decongestant. The other Helios products are fantastic also> see www.HeliosForHealth.com
    try it - you'll love it!