Monday, November 26

Shock Tactics

I live close to the A69, which every year claims the lives of maniac drivers and their victims. A neighbour who is born and bred here said to me once, "You think you know that road but you never really do." The yearly death toll reflects this, the twists and dips in what seems to be a fast and unlit road proves the point he wisely made. I don't know what it would take to make people think but The Queensland Government Transport Dept. makes shocking and hard hitting information films. You my argue these make no difference but their statistics which show a year on year fall in road casualties would suggest otherwise.
There is no blood, gore or horrific death scenes in this film, but it has upset many, so I'm giving warning that its not for everyone.

We tend to be obsessed sometimes with showing the positive face of disability, sure a lot of us are leading full and interesting lives, but lets not forget those who are not. Life is not all about being inspirational and brave, worthy and uplifting. Its hard, its despairing, its painful and its a slog and I don't think any of that ever gets any easier, we just pretend it does. So, in my opinion, lets not slate Queensland for showing that being disabled isn't all Paralympic sports, I'm sure everyone of us wish we weren't sitting here really, and if these sort of films make some people just a bit more careful then that's fine by me.

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