Tuesday, December 4

Give an Inch

Yes its the Good Will Season once again, and simple shopping is pretty grim right now. Come the 1st of December, normally reasonable and polite people turn into trolley maniacs who rush around every shop they can find piling everything in just in case of some sort of national crisis, There are absolutely oblivious to anyone less than 5 foot tall. Last night I called into a nearby and well known store to pick up some nappies and milk and as I gently rolled down an isle this woman marches towards me determined not to give way. Like she had the God given right at this time of year to take all the space, she looked me in the eye and pressed on. Now times were that I was in her position, and I suppose I like to think I have decent manners, I would have let someone through as a matter of politeness but not her. I could see this was some sort of festive game of Chicken, so as I never give way on principle to this sort of thing I pressed forwards, my eyes fixed on her trolleys legs. Suddenly a clank of cold steel, a grating and grinding sound, and with all the expertise I can now muster I pushed through at the same time bringing my hands upwards, and placed on my lap.In the nick of time with nanoseconds to spare. No crazed Christmas shopper is going to scrape the back of my knuckles thankyou very much. So on I rolled feeling just that slightly bit more self satisfied, and points to me there I think!

1 comment:

  1. Good move there, keep going and embarrass the people. I find I put my hands down the inside of the wheels where I can still push the tyres but hands are away from crashes. We need some one to show the ABs we are here!