Monday, December 3

Kinder Surprise

Well its no good, but I'm losing my grip on things. Well what I mean by that is I'm actually unable to grip anything very well at the moment. My son had manged to scoff a Kinder egg yesterday and then asked me to open the toy thing inside. Easy, no problem, its just a little plastic capsule that you twist open, but could I do it? No, I manged to pry the thing open with my teeth eventually. Today I was unable to open a screw top bottle and then a packet of fruit. Thankfully scissors came to my rescue. This hand problem is more problematic than I realised. I thought it wasn't too bad until find I can't do really simple things right now and then I don't know whether to cry at the frustration or laugh at the absurdity. Usually I will go with the absurd in life.

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