Sunday, January 13

Taking the Strain

This year is the year Id really like to get some E-Motion wheels. If you've never heard of them they are a really great invention. Take a regular set of wheelchair wheels, put a pressure sensitive motor in the hub and hey presto, when you are pushing up a hill, it senses the extra force and springs into action giving you that helping hand. Ive researched them thoroughly and most people I know seem to have only good things to say overall. The main advantage is that it increases your independence, can be put together just the same as a manual chair and fits most chairs with a conversion bracket. The downside is that they are heavier than normal wheels, the battery has to be kept charged and they work for about 12 miles which seems OK for a day out to me.

These wheels are not something I would need to use everyday, but I'm struggling a lot with a large heavy baby. My collar bones are popping out and are excrutiatingly painful and my shoulders and elbows are showing the strain. I would also like to be able to take some of the weight from my husband. Whenever we are going somewhere not only does he have to juggle 2 young children but he gets me saying every so often Can you give me a push?, which means the poor guy never gets a second to himself. I want to be able to actually be of help to him not a hindrance, Id like to be able to enjoy holidays and trips without the constant physical strain on both of us and the worry of just frankly being a burden.
So Ive decided to try the charitable approach. Ive always been the giver to charity, I'm happy to put my hand in my pocket and give to those to whom I would consider less fortunate and never would I ever consider asking for myself, until now that is. Is it really a bad thing to ask for money for something like this? It would certainly help all our family. Am I not perhaps now one of those less fortunate? Its a sobering thought but there is probably a bit of truth in that even though I hate to admit it.

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