Monday, February 4

The Eye of the Beholder

Boys never make passes at girls who wear glasses.
Im a member of various online forums that deal with aspects of disability. I find most of them useful and informative and hopefully from time to time Im able to offer some useful advice as well. Anyway most have a section on relationships, and on a weekly basis there will be a posting from a woman who starts off with, "Ive just started dating this amazing guy with 3 heads/a tail/able to fly/an extra leg" (delete as appropriate). Anyway the man usually has some sort of disability and the woman is head over heels in love. Unfortunatly Ive noticed that its very rare that these postings start "Ive just met this amazing woman...." Its sad to say that men do usually only look at a woman who is attractive or beautiful and Im sure there are so many ladies out there with disabilities who would be just fantastic girlfriends and wives, but most men wont give them a second look. Im sure if I hadnt already been married Id be writing this alone in my house. Men dont look at women who fall outside the norm and its a sad fact despite there being exceptions. At the end of the day though, none of us will be young forever, we will all start to get fatter, get those lines, wear glasses and by the time we get to 50 wont really resemble the person in those photos at 25. Beauty is skin deep, but then Im a woman so I would say that wouldnt I?
I have a friend about my age who was born disabled and uses an electric wheelchair. She is so funny she kills me with her wit, shes a genuinely nice person, and I think she is pretty attractive despite her disability, shes well dressed and nicely made up. Shes artistic and fun to be with. Yet she confided in me that she had never had a proper boyfriend because men only want to be her friend. I just feel so sad for her becasue she has so much to give yet no ones looking her way.

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  1. Anonymous22:54

    I just stumbled across your blog! Nice to "meet" you. Thank you so much for this post. My daughter, who is a beautiful, wonderful young woman, has a genetic nerve disease that renders her mostly housebound. There are still things she can do and has alot to offer someone and is a laugh a minute. She can't get out to meet any chaps so she signed up for E-Harmony. She will get matched up with a fellow and they will tell her she is everything they ever dreamed of, but then when she tells them she is sick she never hears from them again. I get very sad for her. I hope that God has someone special out there for her, but sometimes get discouraged that anyone like that even exists. Anyway, we will be popping by again! We love to go blogging and meet new friends. Blessings, Elizabeth