Tuesday, February 19

Is it accesible?

So do you have wheelchair access? Its my favourite phrase and I use it all the time. The thing is people dont really understand what I mean by this. I know, when you think about it, it seems a pretty straightforward question. So I invariably get the answer of Yes, until I then ask, So do you have any steps, can I get in on my own? Ah well theres the rub. More often than not, a lot of places have some steps, you know one or 2 at the entrance. just small ones, Im always being told. Well then its not wheelchair accessible is it? You cant have somewhere half acessible. So what dont people understand? Am I saying Can my husband get me through the door with a bit of a push while dealing with a baby in a buggy? Perhaps Im speaking in a foreign language............

  • Haben Sie Zugang für Rollstühle?
  • Έχετε πρόσβαση για τις αναπηρικές καρέκλες;
  • Avete accesso per le sedie a rotelle?
  • Вы имеете доступ для кресло-коляск?
  • ¿Usted tiene acceso para los sillones de ruedas?
  • Avez-vous accès pour des fauteuils roulants ?

Because buildings are supposed to be accessible Im sure people tell you what they think you want to hear, hoping you wont actually turn up rather than admit to not having the access they ought to have. Frankly I dont really care, if they dont have access then theyve lost my custom, but what I really really want is the truth. Just tell it how it is. Do you have wheelchair access? No we have 2 steps outside and 1 inside. Thats all I want to know really, just some honesty. It would make everyones life so much esier.

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