Friday, March 14

Social Care

I thought until recently I had this all cracked, that the disabled life was all fine and dandy and that I was this super wonder woman. So when the OT said, We need to get someone in in the mornings to get you up, dressed and into your chair, that made me feel like the most disabled person in the world. My first reaction is along the line of What me?!! Are you kidding? But actually she wasn't. Then the more I think about it the more I sort of have to acknowledge she is right. I'm not great in the mornings as the whole thing is quite an effort. It will get considerably worse as I get further along in the pregnancy and my husband will in September have to get me up, a toddler and the eldest to school by 8.45. Come October there's an extra baby as well. So although he may be totally marvellous, he isn't Superman to quite that extent and she is quite right in thinking that if only for him and his sanity we will need an extra pair of hands sooner rather than later. So as I think about it, its not so bad having a stranger do all those things that have to be done, all those personal little things,........I suppose. As a friend said to me, you know if you were a millionaire you'd have helpers, servants wouldn't you? And of course if I was rich Id have every bit of help going without blinking, so this of course isn't really any different it just feels it. But from now on I'm just going to pretend I'm a millionaire and that this is all my choice.

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