Sunday, April 13

The Generosity of Others

Its easy to think no on cares, because in the day to day hustle of life most people are too busy to give you a second thought. When they ask how you are and you say fine, no one wants to take it any further because that's enough, we are all too busy arent we? Every so often I read of fabulous fund raisers that raise thousands for someone who needs certain equipment. Their friends or community have rallied round and done something for that person, or they are young, attractive, and promisingly gifted and so on. Call me a cynic but that seems to be the way of the world and for those of us who have I suppose sat on the periphery somewhat, never had zillions of mates or been at the heart of a 'community', then the disabled life is tough. Its tough because its so bloody expensive. The NHS supplies you with what you need, not what you want. Mostly you get the bit of equipment that is adequate, that sort of does the job in a round about way, but once you've researched it you find that there is something bigger and better that really is just what you need, but it costs 10x the thing the NHS have given you. Financially I'm not a bottomless pit and I find myself on a day to day basis thinking, if only I had ....... because I know in my heart that life would be easier with it, but then at the same time knowing that my sons need new shoes, clothes and so on.
And so it was with the E motion wheels. You may recall Ive been after a pair for sometime. With a 1 yr old and another on the way, the going does get tough at times but at a huge cost. It was a bit of a fantasy purchase. I was chatting to an old work friend about it and thought no more when several days later she sent me an e mail. 'We are having a fund rising for you at work it said. Well how incredible was that? I mean no one has ever even offered to do something like that, and to be honest Id never dream of asking anyone for money. So I was pleased, touched and embarrassed all at the same time. I never thought anyone would ever do anything like that for me after all I'm no one special.
2 weeks later a nice cheque arrived courtesy of Eden District Council. Im still overwhelmed that so many people gave to my cause, it never felt much like a cause, it was just about being me really I suppose. Its reassuring to know there are lots of good people about, and they are people I know.
Anyway after all that I was able to buy...........................................?!

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