Monday, July 7

Britain's Missing Top Model

Well what can I say? People from the programme contacted me and said 'can you promote it on your site?' So here I am promoting it.Its a difficult one to call and I'm not sure the whole thing really works as a concept. The thing is, the BBC is promoting this beauty season on BBC3, looking at alternative beauty in its blurb, but this programme doesn't seem to do anything new. The girls are all quite attractive and happen to have some sort of disability, however as you usually find with people interested in their own looks, none of them have a great deal of depth to their characters. Just because you are disabled doesn't make you a great and interesting person automatically, you can be a shallow as the next.
Lots of shots of absent limbs doesn't really add to the show either but does provide the opportunity for amputee porn which I'm sure will interest some viewers. But my main problem with the show and that you really have to do with any of these sort of reality shows is care. The viewer has to care who wins, and frankly I don't. None of the women involved apart from the deaf one seemed to have any 'disability awareness', they were for the most part wrapped up in their own looks to really project any kind of persona.
The judges were again out of their depth mostly and were vacuous and unpleasant with their comments. I'm not sure the deaf contestant really appreciated being told she wasn't disabled enough. Oh and why was it just for women, what no male models?
So the point of the show? Who knows. I'm not sure its breaking any new boundaries or making any fresh points. if the BBC really wants us to look at disabled people differently then wouldn't it be good to see disabled actors and contestants on TV as a norm and not as an exception?
Anyway I'm promoting it so give it a go and watch it this week and see what you think yourself.

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