Thursday, January 1

'How the brave new world arrives'

Well Happy New Year, here we are arrived in 2009! I tend to think, 'Well Ive made it to another year.' My resolutions this year are many. Normally Im not the resolving type but the last year has been hard, and it seems like a good chance to draw a line in the sand. So this year I want to, in no particular order.........

  • Be a nicer, kinder person ( I say this every year)
  • Apply for some jobs and maybe go back to work
  • Resume the OU degree I put on hold because of babies
  • Not to have a baby this year
  • To catch up with friends Ive neglected over the last 6-12 months
  • To paint the bathroom on my own
  • To pay off my credit card
  • To be a more confident person
  • To learn an interesting new skill
  • To finish off the family history


  1. good luck with your resolutions and projects.
    and Happy New Year

  2. I love seeing other people's resolutions and goals. Good luck with yours. I am just hoping to win lots and lots of weight.