Sunday, January 11

You can tell we are well and truly over the festive season as last week kicked off with an appointment with wheelchair services. A chair is not just any old chair, oh no its an extension of everything you are, a bit like your car. If its not right then you are not right. So now Im no longer pregnant I needed a bit of adjusting. The thing with your wheels is that the further forward they are the less effort you have to use but the downside is that you are less stable and more likely to tip over. Most of the time I have mine set just at the tipping over point, which means I do tend to fly over sometimes just out of the blue. Previously I have altered this myself but my new Kuschall chair is a bit different as you have to move the seat not the wheels, so Im glad to say that a technician came and did it for me. Just an inch mind, and we shall see how it goes, easy does it, is probably the best thing.

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