Monday, February 9

25 Random things about me

A while back I was 'tagged' by a friend to reveal some random things. Well at the time I never got round to it, so better late than never heres 25 randomish things about me.....
1. Daffodils are my favourite flowers.
2. I did 5 years studying Dutch as a sideline at Uni.
3. I met my husband at a seder.
4. I have had dogs all my life.
5. I have only 3 points on my driving licence.
6. I have been arrested once.
7. I love eggs.
8. I cant bear opera.
9. I wanted to be a vet when I was growing up.
10. My grandfather played Rugby for Wales.
11. Im interested in everything ( well mostly)
12. I have no addictions, never did and cant think of any vices either!
13. I buy far too many shoes for what good it does me.
14. I am religiously unorthodox.
15. I am always right and my husband knows this apart from when Im wrong.
16. I love driving which is a good job.
17. I am too idealistic and get too upset at injustice.
18. I would like more children probably.
19. Im very shy really.
20. I was a fishmonger when I was at Uni, so Im good with a knife!
21. I am intolerant and beligerant at my worst.
22. At my best Im caring and witty.
23. Im very loyal and never forget a friendship.
24. T10.
25. My husband was and remains the only one for me.

all fairly random-ish

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  1. Hi your tags/25 points. I got through to your blog ok...usually I can't. (Yeah!!) Hope you've all had a good week away. Hx