Saturday, February 7

The Best Mirror

Anyway the weather is chronic, I'm feeling slightly stressed and we are off to visit family next week in the south of England for a week. So today I finally decided to pick up the phone and ring a very good friend Ive neglected for, oh well, some time actually, much to my shame. I know its a terrible cliche but time does fly by, and I don't know where its gone. Actually Ive been eternally pregnant for the last 2 years so its not really surprising Ive been a bit dizzy headed. So our friend was absolutely thrilled to speak to me , he'd lost our phone number so it works both ways, but hey you know you have a friendship when you just pick up where you left off. We decided to meet up as they've only seen one of our 3 children and then I said, I, er, er, er, think we should, er, er, make it somewhere, er, fairly accessible as, er, well you know, I, er, can't actually walk anymore, er............. Whew, I thought, that wasn't too bad. Actually I think on reflection Ive been bad at staying in touch with a lot of friends for this very reason, as I, er, er, er, don't know what to say, er, so better to say nothing and ignore the whole thing. A bad idea, disloyal to old friends and not good for me spiritually.
'the best mirror is an old friend' - George Herbert

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