Friday, February 6


So time for a photo of us all in the snow. To be honest I look less than amused, have a savage haircut and am not wearing pj's, honestly. I don't mind snow, it did start off as lovely powdery stuff, but now its compacted into thick ice, and to be honest I'm in dire need of a sledge. I'm starting to stress over it big time. My husband in his usual manner tells me not too, after all he says he is much better at stressing for both of us, which yes I admit is very true. But my stress is real. Ive hardly been out all week, we are running out of food. No we wont starve but its going to get a bit boring. We are going away next w/e and the starter motor has packed up in the Shogun. I cant get into the garage until the snow clears. I need to go to the bank, and so on and so on. Yes I'm stressing, I'm stressing that I might fall which having done it soooo often I'm already anticipating that pain involved, so yes I'm feeling just a bit stressed right now. So please bear with me.

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