Monday, May 11

Loos.... Yeughhhh!!!

I had to, and I mean HAD TO use the disabled loo at ASDA last week and my goodness it was a disgusting experience. Now I'm not moaning at Asda, I'm having a go at the people who use the facilities. I want to know why people use disabled loos and then leave them in a really gross state??? Acceptable is it? Either they are full to overflowing, because hey, if you are disabled you cant possibly know how to use the flush, or they end up peeing all over the floor and I have to roll through it. Perhaps its able bodied people using them, who knows, Im past caring who the culprits are, just flush the bloody thing and leave it decent for the next person.
For some reason I don't recall ordinary ladies loos being quite as bad as this, so why do people do it with disabled loos? Are their own lavatories as vile at home? Somehow I think not. The offending loo in ASDA smelt so bad I almost thew up, the stench was overpowering. Why, why, why, leave it? As you can guess this makes me absolutely furious, if I ever ever came across anyone who left toilets like this, Id end up slapping them until they begged for mercy.


  1. Maybe you don't recall regular stalls being that way because most of the time you had a choice and if one was disgusting you just went on to the next one until you found one that was clean enough to use. Now you are stuck with the only disabled one no matter how many more there are.

    A lot of people end up using that one because it's bigger so it ends up getting extra dirty. I know how you feel about dirty bathrooms though. I've noticed the same thing since my sci.

  2. Unfortunately, public loos, communal and disabled, are often filthy. I'm not an expert on ladies' loos, obviously, but there was a time when the ladies' single cubicle loo at a bookshop in London was closed, and everyone had to use the men's loo, which was normally pretty clean (before they got rid of it to extend the cafe's kitchen). I went in and found blood on the seat. I complained to the female barista and she said, "maybe a woman used it". Well, I don't care, and I've lived with women most of my life and if they've ever bled on the seat, I've never known about it because they've cleared it up.

    Unfortunately this kind of vandalism is just a fact of life. Why on earth would someone break off two thirds of a toilet seat, as I saw in the disabled loo in Sainsbury's in Kingston today? I've also seen toilet seats which just don't fit on the bowl, or are detached (perhaps vandalism, perhaps bad maintenance). Disabled loos often double up as baby-changing rooms, which often means they stink.

    Communal loos have all the same problems as disabled ones, plus not having the hand-basin in the same room as the toilet, plus having doors that don't shut or that can be looked over or under, including by perverts who offer unwanted sexual services, plus having to observe other men's (or women's, not familiar with those) disgusting habits, plus sometimes being full of men who use them as a hanging-out space; these are all reasons why some able-bodied people use disabled toilets. I think they should provide more of them.