Sunday, July 19

My Ar*e! Jim Royle would say from that well known sitcom. Exactly, couldn't put it better myself because my arse is actually a real pain, Yes I'm a pain in the arse. I knew it would happen and while I don't get too many spasms as a rule, I knew once I hit the 6 months pregnant mark it was going to happen. And it has. The last 2 nights has seen me writhing around in bed, awake, asleep, awake, asleep, awake etc. My backside is killing me. I go from laughing like a maniac as only I could get buttock spasms to squealing loudly because bloody hell, it hurts. This is turn sets of my left leg which then hurts even more. If you've ever jumped out of bed with cramp, then its just like this only in my backside which incidentally is the largest muscle in your body. Consequently I dont know if to sit, lie,sit or lie, whatever position Im in, my bum protests!

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