Sunday, August 23

Summer of Fun

I haven't written much lately as Ive been ill. Once we got back from holiday I went down with the most horrible cold and cough.... probably swine flu of course which has left me with a cough of consumptive proportions. Naturally I haven't been sleeping because of it, Ive become incontinent as the baby bounces on top of my bladder and Ive had horrendous bouts of sciatica which have left me literally crying in the arms of my husband. The weather has been grim and my garden ruined and waterlogged. Add to that a stroppy, bored, rude and endlessly nagging 5 yr old who really wants to be at school and you will see August hasn't been the highlight of the year so far.
Until I can get some rest I will probably continue to feel a bit sorry for myself because I'm tired. Not just tired, I'm shattered, knackered, worn out, frazzled. You can tell just how tired I am as i fell over getting into the car last week. With these things I never know how it happens its just a 'whoops' and I find myself head first, kneeling on the tarmac with cut knees. At times like that I have a bit of a cry, feel really stupid, and then resent the fact I'm sitting there by myself when I want someone to rush up and console me. Sometimes life doesn't seem to be a great barrel of laughs even though I know its better than the alternative.

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