Friday, January 1

Before Christmas

Snowflake. Small microscope kept outdoors. Sna...

What is it with the month of December? Its an endless stream of activity before the inevitable collapse, and I am such a bah humbug at the best of times it doesn't help. Going to my sons school play never puts me in the best of moods, its not that I mind the whole Christmas jamboree, OK I suppose I do, I am slightly conscious of the fact I seem to take up at least 3 places, block other peoples view and am pushed to sit at the front where everyone can see me. In a funny sort of way I'm more of a sit and hide at the back kind of person. On the 19th of December we had our first major snow fall, and as we live on a north facing slope unless we get a quick thaw, the snow turns to ice and we are stuck. Our large car broke down again and the breakdown bloke couldn't get to us because of the ice so its still broken. Bloody cars I know I shouldn't have sold the 4x4 as my husband keeps telling me but I found it pretty difficult to get into which is a bit inconvenient. With 6 of us and a 5 seater car it meant hubbie had to take the train to my mums, I drove with the boys telling everyone gravely we went stopping as frankly there is no way I could get me and them out at the Services. With 2 inches of ice outside I was able to slide the car down in the full knowledge there was no turning back. It was a pleasant Christmas but I'm not sure I will go next year, I'm getting too old to deal with the crap weather.
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