Friday, January 1

GoodBye Old Friend

Over Christmas our dog died. Or rather I should say I made that decision after he was taken ill at the kennels. I knew it was coming, He was 14 and been with us since a pup. If you've had dogs you know some are just special. They have huge personalities that take over the house and its so quiet without him even though we still have the girls.
Goblin was a larger than life Beagle with a pink nose, pink ears and pink paws, who was untrainable, and a total menace. Goblin adored food, and he loved the children. His personality was terrific and he even had his own little fan club at the Vets. He was very well looked after by his friends at Capontree in Brampton and I know he had the best care possible, but I MISS HIM SO MUCH, he was MY dog.
The night he died he came to me in my dreams, I like to think he really did, he jumped up, wagged his tail and I cuddled and kissed his plush coat, and told him I loved him.
I still love all my dogs past and present, then stay with me forever and I hope one day they will be waiting for me and we will all take a long walk together once more.
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