Wednesday, January 6

Stranger in the night

At 10.30 there was a sharp knock on the door which is almost unheard of in these part! Either it was the ghost of Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (we've only just got through all that) or it could be robbers come to tie us up and escape with all our worldly goods (far and few between). But no, it was a very very tall man called Richard who had come in his super 4x4 to look at our oil situation. It was he who had spoke to my mate Jeremy! 'Don't worry I'll be back in the morning with 200 litres for your tank' he said. We sighed a huge how-can-we-ever-thank-you sigh and toddled off to bed. True to his word he arrived at about 10 this morning and popped the oil in for us. Gratitude poured from us like water from a well. We were so, so, so, so grateful and I'm not overdoing it here. With temperatures down to -10 overnight it was getting very, very cold indeed and now we have enough oil to see us through another couple of weeks.
We all know that society has gone to hell in a handcart or so we are told, and that every stranger is just waiting to get one over on you, mug you, rob you and would cross to the other side of the road rather than help. Northumberland isn't like that, we have had so much help from neighbours in the last few days, and here is a man I had never met before, who came all the way from Carlisle with oil for us and would not accept any payment apart from the actual cost of the oil. He runs a breakdown recovery service in Cumbria so if you get a problem you might want to call Richard from County Recovery.
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  1. Just read your blog...same here (Brecon Beacons) -12 last night. Unfortunately for me your 'oil man' lives too far away . I could have used him today.
    I am in the house with my disabled son Andrew (hubby Mike had to go back to our rented house in work) with no way of getting out. Our usual mode of transport to go into town, the Disabled/Elderly Dial a Ride service, cannot get down our road due to the snow. Ive seen 4x4 going past but not many.
    Anyway, I need Oil before I have to turn it off (risking water pipes) so I dont have to pay an Engineer to come out. Im new to this oil lark so am a bit bothered.
    Spoke to my supplier today who said they cannot risk the tankers and they didnt have a license to bring containers out to me via car.
    She suggested I get in touch with the local Highways and 'play' on the fact that my son has disabilites to get them to come and grit the road. Might give it a go...cant hurt.
    Nice to 'meet' you.


  2. Anonymous09:38

    That's wonderful!

    There are local 4x4 groups who donate their cars and drivers to the local ambulance groups to act as back up / support. I've already heard of one who pulled an ambulance out of a ditch and then towed it up a huge hill and followed it to the hospital to make sure it got there safely.

    If you can find a local group on the internet and find yourself in trouble it might be worth phoning them up and seeing if they have a member that can come and help. In times of crisis they have organisations within the clubs that will send vehicles to floods etc - it's all voluntary (should you want to pay fuel) but they do an amazing job.