Tuesday, January 5

Me and Jeremy Vine

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Yesterday I was tootling round the kitchen at lunch time once again feeding the Horde when Jeremy Vine announced, 'Call us if you've been affected by the snow', so I grabbed the phone and did just that. Actually I never for one minute thought anyone would pick up the other end. On occasions I have rung, its been far too busy for me. Anyway a very nice man called Andy answered and asked me about our situation. I explained that we were very very stuck and then he said I will put you on to Jeremy. So I told Jeremy our situation. 'Help' I cried 'we have no fuel left, its bloody freezing and we cant get out of our house, we are marooned with 4 small children.....' I should have but didn't also say I'm rolling around on ice in my wonderful RGK Performance chair but even this cant get through the snow and ice.( I need one of those of Beyond Boundaries ones I suppose.) My car is at my neighbours and there isnt a hope in hell of getting to it, letting alone driving anywhere.
Jeremy was concerned, of course he was worried for the children as I told my sorry story, but then we parted and said goodbye. 5 minutes later Andy called back, a man was offering to come and help us. A miracle had occurred and Radio 2 had spun their magic.
Later that day I was also interviewed by Look North our very regional news programme , who were obviously desperate for any plucky snow story, and then also called by the Hexham Courant who once again needed a comment. Well done the BBC, I had my 15 minutes of fame.
You too can listen to me once again courtesy of the BBC at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/jeremy-vine/ about 40 minutes into the show.
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