Monday, March 29

Golf or tennis anyone?

I have Golfers Elbow. yes I know it sounds hilarious as someone who has never swung a club in my life I seem an unlikely candidate. Of course it could be Tennis Elbow but I think its been 20 years since I did any of that. Ive never had an intimate relationship with sport to be honest. Anyway back to my golfers elbow, I know its this because the pain which runs down my forearm and into the palm of my hand is on the inside of the elbow. Tennis elbow is on the outside. Basically its inflammation of the tendons, is very painful and I cant lift heavy objects. At the moment I'm having to use both hands to move a saucepan, and I suspect all that lifting of sick poorly boys has made it a lot worse. The treatment is rest, which seems highly unlikely, or pain killers. Looks like I shall  be popping pills in the short term but it doesn't help much in the months to come. Dont even mention Cortisone!

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