Thursday, March 30

Weighty Issues

I have lost weight, infact Ive lost a lot of weight over the last few months, only the trouble is no one can tell!! Irritating really, that Im the thinnest Ive been since God knows when and who notices?!! Bah humbug.... The main problems in showing off my wonderful figure ( Ha Ha) is that first of all Im getting a good set of shoulders which sort of take your attention. While its ok for men to have biceps that bulge, its not so usual with women. Im not saying I look like a body builder, I just have recently realised that Im pushing myself with some gusto up hills that a few months ago I found hard work. Secondly stomach muscles tend to be less tight infact they can sag quite a bit. I dont think Ive suffered too much here as I was never thin to start suffer a lot more so Im told. And of course I have great selection of baggy looking trousers. They either fall off me or just look very loose generally. This is because my legs are a law of diminishing returns at the moment... I noticed I can now put my hand around my calf muscles and my fingers touch. Although for some reason the right leg is going quicker than the left...I did say the right was worse. Anyway Im digressing here.. Just remember next time you see me you must say 'My how you've lost weight!!' and Ill smile that knowing smile and think ' Yep amazing what a serious problem can do for your figure!' Anyway this leads me swiftly on to.....clothes for the cripple!

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