Friday, May 5

Cripple City

Good grief the Metrocentre is Cripple City. Its full of wheelchair's, and I'm not just talking about the elderly here. Its about the only place I ever, ever see someone of my age being a wheelchair user. When you do see someone there is this quick look of recognition, I cant really describe it, sort of like you know you are all in the same club. Anyway I always find I stare at their chairs as I suffer a lot of wheelchair envy!!!!!! Mine is always the best isn't it? Well not today, someone had a set of X-core Wheels!! These are much lusted after, state of the art wheels which are also extremely cool. Why haven't I got them I think, with the little green monster of jealousy sitting on my shoulder? Well as they retail at about £300 a pair,that's the likely explanation. But hey, if you know someone who'dd like to send me a pair Id have to force myself to use them. Just kidding, honest!

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  1. Eddie09:53


    This is my second go at putting something on your site. That stupid woman Angela gave me the wrong instructions last time.
    Anyway I have been reading your rants against the world and I have decided that it is all me me me. Not anywhere in your diatribe do you mention the really important things in life. Nowhere do you mention that Celtic won both the league and the league cup or that The God Henrik only took twenty minutes to destroy Arsenal.What sort of site is this. Personally I think you are doing all this just for attention. Get out of that chair and do a bit of jogging or rock climbing its sheer laziness. I am an expert on disabled people and they dont know how lucky they are - free parking- people pushing them about- free wheelchairs. You are never happy.
    I read your bit about shopping for nappies and I almost needed one myself. The thought of you sitting motionless with the nappies in your mouth was priceless.
    Anyway keep up the good work at least Angela and I have a laugh. Take care and I will write again soon to tell you where you are going wrong with you life.