Thursday, August 10


You may be able to see from the above pictures that I've changed the set up of my chair a bit. Notice the red bar? What I've done is change the camber bar. Thanks to the generosity of my employer who paid for it, a camber bar is the bar that holds your wheels on. Depending g on the angle of the bar your wheels can have a wide base or not. I've changed my wheelbase from 3 degrees to 6 degrees which is quite a difference. The advantage in doing this is that it increases stability and also seems to increase speed. I requested this at work because the pavements in and around Penrith are scarily uneven and on more than one occasion I have felt as if I was going to fall out! Haven't yet fortunately, but that unsafe feeling is rather alarming. It also has another positive effect for me anyway in that it lowers the back of my seat by about 1cm. I find this quite a bit more comfy and have noticed I feel a bit more secure.
The disadvantage is that you have to make sure you can get through door frames. I measures this up very carefully at home and it gives me very little room but its still ok. A few more degrees though and I wouldn't make it. I haven't got stuck anywhere yet because of the wide wheelbase but I suppose its just a question of time.

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  1. Camber is A GOOD THING :)

    Remember my simple rule.

    Weelchairs are NEVER too wide DOORS are too narrow.