Saturday, October 14

Beyond Anything

Beyond Boundaries? More like Beyond the Pale in my opinion. This programme had such potential in that it was supposed to show people with various disabilities pushing themselves to the limit of their endurance, pulling together as a team, in order to reach a common goal. Instead it is truly awful, like watching a horrific accident in slow motion I feel compelled to watch but afterwards hate myself for doing so. Never has such a group of selfish, hateful, and generally unpleasant people been thrown together as this lot. Honestly I don't think any of them have any redeeming features (perhaps 2 of them do) and a couple are just vile to watch. There is a distinct whiff of 'Lord of the Flies' about it all as the stronger group continually turns on, and picks and bullies the perceived weaker members of the group. I have seen little evidence of helping those who cannot keep up, and as for team spirit it never existed from day one. By giving someone your hand, you not only help an individual but you also redeem your own soul, never would I walk away from someone who needed help. And I say that in certain knowledge of myself, not in hope. All Beyond Boundaries shows is that disabled people are as awful as anyone else, and while that may be true, I have met many people with a variety of disabilities who having seen life from a place many never thought they would, have taken lives experiences and used them all in a positive manner.

Id also like to make a couple of other points. The 2 woman in wheelchairs, did they push at all or were they pushed the whole way? What was the difference in attitude between those born with a disability and those who acquired them? Why do some of them need to prove themselves so much? Chips on shoulders perhaps?

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  1. I don't have a television, but since I'd heard so much about this last year, I wrote a little satire you might be interested in. ;-)