Saturday, October 14

Jubilee Trust

The Jubilee Trust is a charity which runs tall ship sailing experiences for people with disabilities and able bodied people as well. And No I don't want to go on a trip. However try telling it to the patronising ladies I had the misfortune to come across last week.
Coming out of a garden centre (not my choice of lunch I might add) they had a table by the exit and were touting for money. I tried to scuttle past but no, that bright red flashing light in the top of my head sprang into action alerting them to the fact that a disabled person was there.
'excuse me, we have something for you'......shouting loudly so everyone could hear them talking to the disabled one.
(Who me? I thought looking round) 'No thanks' I said
'Wouldn't you like to go on....... a sailing ship?' she said as if Id never heard of.....a sailing ship.
'No thanks'.
'Well why don't you just take some information, you'd have a lovely time'
'No thanks really,' and I flew out the door as quickly as possible. Why dont you just F*** off and leave me alone. Today is my off day for being disabled. Do I really have to explain in minute detail why I don't want to go? Behind me I heard one of the ladies say to my companion,
'here take this for your friend....' ( as she is obviously deranged for not wanting to go sailing).
Even my friend commented that she thought these people were being rather patronising. Oh yes absolutely. I think they felt affronted that I didnt want to go sailing. I'm not overly fond of boats unless they are ferries or cruise liners. And I don't swim very well either. What I really find hard to stomach is a certain pious attitude that comes over as 'arent we wonderful people for doing these thing so you can have a fabulous opportunity'? It can be very patronising. I firmly believe that everyone should take part in some charitable activity, what you give to people will come back to you again and again, but its making sure you do it for the right reason and with an open heart.

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  1. I'm quite saddened that this is how you were introduced to the JST. I've sailed with them several times and certainly life on board doesn't get patronising at all.

    Well, only for those 'leggies' (as opposed to wheelies or wobblies) who are too scared to do stuff.

    But you are right. Sailing is something you either want to do or not. And if not, that's completely up to you.