Tuesday, January 16


I'm still coughing. I thought the cough had gone, and it almost had for a few days, but now I have a full blown cold with very runny nose and hacking cough. I'm so exhausted, I haven't slept for days, I'm throwing up and I look pale. My bladder is so leaky Ive had to change 4 times in a day, so now Ive decided that until this has gone, I'm going to be bagged all day and not just at night. I know my urologist would slap me about hard but she doesn't have to live with it and hopefully it will only be for a few days. I'm feeling very low physically, about as low as you can get I think, and I'm dreaming of warm sunshine and lazy days, so I know I must be feeling bad as I never think like this. Pregnancy has taken its toll I have to say.

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