Wednesday, March 28

Being Pushed Around.....

So at last after weeks of trying to get them delivered, the push handles arrived for my chair and now Ive screwed them in, suddenly the chair looks very cripply! I don't like them much to be truthful, but needs must and all that, and at the moment I cant get anywhere much on my own. Of course my husband just rubs his hands with glee, "A-Ha I have you now in my power, if you don't stop moaning Ill push you off a cliff", he says grinning from ear to ear, "its my chance at last!!!!!" Its a good job I can laugh, you have to or Id go completely bonkers otherwise. Anyway now I shall just have to sit and be pushed around like royalty for a few weeks I suppose, better make the most of it in that case and practice giving orders. I have to say I get extremely nervous when most people push me, and usually sit laughing with slight hysteria in the anticipation that I'm going to end up splattered on the floor.. Still I have 6 weeks to get used to it.

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