Friday, March 30

Pizza Express

I know I grumble about large companies that get disabled facilities oh so wrong, but some do manage to get it very right. Take Pizza Express for instance. Despite the fact that a very large number of their premises are in old buildings somehow they still manage to provide full disabled access. Ive never been to one I couldn't get into, they may exist but I haven't found one yet anyway. What I particularly like is a lot of these access solutions don't come cheaply, so most companies ring their hands and say how prohibitive the cost is and why they cant get round providing suitable access. Banks are one of the worst culprits at this. So Its really pleasing to see that Pizza Express take their duties seriously and value their disabled customers as its obvious they have spent money on getting it just right. Inside the restaurant is always spacious enough to get a wheelchair round without having to apologise to other customers every 2 seconds without I hope compromising their profit margins. Finally they always have nice spacious disabled loos which are spotlessly clean and not used as store cupboards!

So I'm giving Pizza Express 5 Gold Stars and a big Hoorah! for their efforts and long may they continue to get it right.

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  1. Yes, I've always found Pizza Express good too...and they do excellent pizza!

    One of the worst IMHO is Pizza Hut. They seem to have a company rule that all loo doors must weigh at least 2 tons. I can go to the loo by myself, but someone needs to come with me to open the door for me!