Thursday, May 31

Miserable Bank Holiday

So it was a cold grey bank holiday Monday, and being at a loss as to what to do, a trip to A & E seemed in order. I mean what better way to spend your time?
Well it all started a few days earlier, and you may know that after you've had a baby you continue to bleed for some time afterwards. This is all totally normal. However after about 10 days I noticed it was getting worse not better, but I sort of decided to ignore the whole thing because I really didn't want to be bothered with hospitals anymore to put it mildly. But after a visit to the bathroom on Monday morning I thought oh-oh.... and mentioned it to my husband. You should phone the hospital he said. So I procrastinated a bit more and then called maternity thinking nothing of it. You'd better come in they said, after all you don't want to bleed to death do you? No quite so, I thought.
So I pottered into A and E and lay for 3 hours on an examination table answering loads of questions about my medical history .... again, and having blood take from my wrists..... OUCH! I REALLY HATE THAT!
Eventually I was sent home, armed with boxes of antibiotics and ordered to come for a scan on Wednesday. Now don't you just love the NHS? Honestly and truly where would you get better treatment? We so love to knock it, but I don't think you'd get better treatment anywhere.

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