Thursday, November 29

An entertaining conversation

I absolutely love having conversations with my 4 yr old son, they are truly wondrous, funny and perceptive at the same time. Anyway, yesterday my husband was unwell with a bit of a stomach bug, and our son is always extremely attentive should either of us show signs of being a bit peeky. So this morning he says to me.................
"Ma, my legs are not working very well, I think I need to use your wheels...." you have to imagine a certain earnestness about this. So I thought a second and then replied......."hmmmmm, you know I think they might be a bit big for you at the moment, and anyway how would you manage at nursery?" He gave me that knowing solemn look and then said, "yes Ma, I might get stuck in the door".
Ah yes I thought, I wonder where hes seen that before!?

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