Friday, June 20


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..................Snore, Oh what? Hmm let me see. Oh yes time I woke up and wrote a new entry I guess. So given that I will be doing Olympic Sleeping this year in Beijing, what else is new with me? Well first of all Im getting a new chair. Thats right a brand new, spanking -just for me- one. How come you might wonder? Well I got a call from Wheelchair services to go and see them. It was I must admit a bit of a surprise, but I went off to Hexham thinking I might get a voucher for a few hundred squid if I was lucky. So the lady who runs wheelchair services there, single handedly I might add had arranged some nice men to come along and suggest a few chairs to me. In the end they said would you like the Kuschall K4 or The Airlite, and as if by magic a couple appeared. So I picked both of them up and twirled them around a bit and decided that to be really honest I couldnt tell the difference in weight, so decided on the K4 in green with BLACK tyres please. So thats what Im getting, waiting time 3 to 8 weeks. That was 3 weeks ago so Im hoping it will turn up within the month now.
You see the NHS can supply the right thing sometimes, its just a pity I get it and someone living 20 miles west of me wont.

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