Tuesday, February 24

No Rod,No Staff and very little Comfort

You know how it feels when you snuggle down and think Oooo thats soooooo comfy... lovely isn't it? So imagine a life of never being comfortable, and I mean never ever ever. That's my fate. Never again will I have that comfy cosiness on the sofa or in a big armchair, for destiny has decreed that I will at best always feel as if I'm sitting on a big bag of sharp stones. I spend every night fidgeting around the bed, legs up, down, pillow, extra pillows, on my front, back, side. No matter what position I'm in, I'm never ever comfortable. The same is true for sitting, although I have some great cushions, a gel one and an air one, again, I'm never quite comfy. I am infact sad to say it almost used to living with the discomfort of life. However sometimes, just occassionally, Id sell my soul to the devil just to have a nice cosy, comfy evening.

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