Monday, June 30

Beyond Boundaries 3

I haven't been posting of late mostly because I'm so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. So you will notice that some of my postings are a bit late. But hey, better late than never huh?!
So who saw last months Beyond Boundaries? You may recall and even look back and see that last year I was quite critical of it then. It seemed it just didn't work then, and that the BBC had contrived to make it as confrontational as possible.
Fortunately this year was a lot different I felt anyway. A group of young people with ages ranging from 16-21 roughly was an eye opener at times. Despite the commentary doing its best to inject some drama and conflict into the adventure, for the most part they worked pretty well as a group, and all but one made it to the end. So I wonder does this mean that you are more resilient if you have a disability at a younger age? Perhaps so. I tend to think this way although there is no obvious right or wrong to this answer. Ive come across and known a variety of disabled people of all ages and the younger ones and the ones who were born with their condition invariably seem more positive and more life affirming. I'm sure that people who do become disabled later in their lives end up looking back down the road of their past lives and find they cannot cope or adapt to their new situations. Many don't accept their lives and some have chips so large they end up with a bag of potatoes on their shoulders. I understand this, really I do. But what I don't understand is the constant wishing for the past, for we can never turn back the clock.
So all in all I think that Beyond Boundaries 3 was very good and perhaps a tad inspirational , without wishing to sound patronising.

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