Thursday, February 26

Shhhhhh, not a Sound.

I have a scret that I rarely share with anyone, so guess what, todays your lucky day!
During my early childhood I suffered with endless ear infections, notched up multiple visits to various ENT specialists, and when I was 11 went profoundly deaf for a year. School was a nightmare as I was deaf, just started wearing glasses as well, and was fat and spotty as I entered puberty. So you could say perhaps not the best time of my life and also it may account for my hidden lack of confidence at times. Anyway thanks to surgery my hearing came back within a year and seemed to be back to normal.
Roll forward 10 years later and I asked my mother when she listened to silence could she really hear absolutely nothing, what was silence like? I asked this question because it had taken me the best part of a decade to realise that I have an irritating background noise in my head, but I thought that everyone had this! So I live my life with a constant shhhhhh sound and sometimes a high pitched squeal as well, which really is irritating. Most of the time the general hubbub of life means its not too intrusive, the worse time being in bed at midnight when all you can hear is a load of white noise. So you can imagine my total delight when 6 months ago my husband presented me with an MP3 player. To be honest it is a gift that is heaven sent as my sleeping is transformed. Now I nod off plugged into all sorts of music from classical to rock to folk, to swing. But No Opera! So whats the most played music on my Mp3 player.....?
  1. The Turn of a Friendly Card Alan Parsons Project
  2. All of my Heart ABC
  3. Galadriel Annebjorg Lien
  4. When All is Said and Done ABBA
  5. The Water Lily Annebjorg Lien
  6. Les Bobos Renaud
  7. Water Music Handel
  8. Get it right next time Gerry Rafferty
  9. Great Balls of Fire Jerry Lee Lewis
  10. Part of the Union Strawbs
  11. Chocolat Original Soundtrack
  12. Softly as I leave You Matt Monroe
  13. Meet me on the Corner Lindisfarne
  14. Daydream Believer The Monkees
  15. Are you Ready for Love? Elton John
  16. Sweet Home Alabama Lynard Skynard
  17. Sense Lightening Seeds
  18. Parklife Blur
  19. Dives and Lazerus Vaughan Williams
  20. La Mer Charles Trenet

A fairly varied mix I would hope.

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